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Why Choose European Denture Center


Are you suffering with oral health problems and wondering whether dentures are right for you? Are you unsatisfied with the fit of your current dentures? Does the thought of going to a denturist make you uncomfortable? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider visiting us at European Denture Center.

Quality Denture Services

European Denture Center is renowned for providing quality denture services in Everett, WA. Under the guidance of our professional and highly skilled denturist, our team specializes in creating natural looking, attractive, and comfortable fitting dentures.  Offering a complete line of denture options including both full and partial dentures, we provide custom-made dental appliances tailored to suit each patient’s specific needs. Comfortable to wear, European Denture Center’s dentures are just what you need for a bright, beautiful, and natural smile!

Patients Come First

At European Denture Center, our patients ALWAYS come first! We offer dentures in a clean, comfortable facility for patients of all ages, including children. And you can ALWAYS expect the best service from our professional staff.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Committed to quality, we use cutting-edge dental equipment and the latest industry technology to ensure you receive best results. We regularly modernize all our equipment and procedures to provide you with the most comfortable and functional dentures possible.


Most importantly, it’s crucial to us that you can afford our dentures. To ensure this, we provide flexible payment options, accept a variety of payment methods, and bill many insurance plans including Medicaid.

Clear Communication

We strive to deliver dedicated, compassionate patient care. Whether you need new dentures, denture refitting, or a replacement of your old dentures, we will identify the best option for you. And then, from procedural details to cost and billing, our team will explain everything in straightforward, easy-to-understand terms.

The Complete Package

We strongly believe that with our dentures you’ll feel happier and healthier, and with our service you’ll feel comfortable and well cared for.

To see for yourself how we’re committed to your comfort, visit or call us for a free initial consultation.

European Denture Center
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