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Implant Dentures


An implant supported denture is a denture that is secured directly into your jaw bone, increasing its stability and making it a good option for those who have enough bone structure to support it. Implants are most commonly used in the lower jaw due to regular movement and lack of retention with regular dentures.

When the procedure is complete, individuals typically feel a significant difference. Jaw movement, chewing, and swallowing foods are all easier. And not only do they improve function, but implant-supported dentures also help to deter bone loss as well.

There are different types of implant systems and procedures; your denturist will help determine which is right for you.


The Zest Locator system is least expensive but works well for most denture wearers. Your denture clips over two or four implants, and can easily be removed during cleaning.

For a non-removable screw-on restoration, there is a new implant procedure that has been developed known as All on Four. This procedure uses dentures that support the jaw with four carefully placed implants per arch.

The All on Four procedure was developed to provide support to individuals without teeth. It is designed to avoid graft surgery, using as few implants as possible.

It uses the remaining bone structure advantageously, with virtual technology from Nobel Biocare. The procedure is completed quickly and allows the patient to have their implants inserted in one visit to the clinic.

A decade ago, the procedure included bone grafting, several implants, and eighteen months of treatment. This made everything difficult and costly for individuals.

The development of All on Four means the implant procedure is now quick and affordable. Clients need only visit once or twice for consultation prior to the actual procedure.

Following the procedure, it takes six months for the gums to completely heal. After the implants have naturally fused into the jaw bone, the denturist takes impressions of the mouth and then prepares the permanent set of teeth for insertion.

At completion, the new set can be expected to last for a few decades without any damage.

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