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How To Care For Your Dentures


Through state-of-the-art-technology, you have been able to transform your smile. Proper care of your dentures and good oral hygiene are now necessary to maintain it.

If you don’t maintain your oral hygiene, it can deteriorate quickly, resulting in plaque buildup on your dentures that can make them appear dull and aged. Bacteria can also build up, causing stains and odor.

By following these tips, you can extend the life of your dentures and keep them looking healthy and new for years to come!

  1. Wash Them in The Sink. Fill your sink with water, then set them in the sink and clean them. This will help keep them from slipping out of your hands, causing damage.

  2. Use Warm or Cool Water. Always wash, soak, and rinse in warm or cool water. Never use hot water as it can damage and warp your dentures.

  3. Use a Denture Brush and Cleaning Paste. Don’t use a regular toothbrush or toothpaste. Use denture-specific tools and cleaners. Avoid chemicals such as bleach, soaps, and vinegar.

  4. Soak Your Dentures Before Brushing. Allow your dentures to soak long enough to become moist before you brush them.

  5. Thoroughly Brush All Parts of Your Dentures. Bacteria can hide in the nooks and crannies of your dentures and cause damage and odor over time.

  6. Rinse Thoroughly. Make sure all of the cleaning paste is rinsed off after brushing.

  7. Soak Overnight. Every night, soak your dentures overnight in a cleanser (for example, Fixodent®). Consult your denturist for their recommendation for your specific denture.

  8. Brush Your Tongue and Gums. To maintain your oral hygiene, invest in a soft-bristled brush and regularly brush your tongue, gums, and teeth while your dentures are removed. This will stimulate blood circulation and eliminate plaque.

  9. Use Mouthwash. To give your mouth an extra boost of freshness, rinse your mouth with mouthwash frequently. Ask your dentist to recommend the best one for you.

  10. Get Regular Check-Ups. Your teeth and dentures need regular check-ups to make sure no repairs, adjustments, or treatments are needed. Don’t skip your regular dental visits.

If you’re ready to have your dentures checked out by European Denture Center or you need a repair or reline, give us a call today and make an appointment!

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