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Full Dentures


The world of dentures can be confusing. Who knew there were so many different options? A qualified denturist can help you determine whether a full denture is the best solution for you.

The condition of your remaining teeth is the main factor in determining what type of denture would work best in your mouth. For individuals whose teeth cannot be saved and need to be removed due to advanced decay or severe damage, we would choose full dentures.

Full dentures – also known as “complete dentures” – are a full set of teeth in your mouth.

This differs from partial dentures – also known as “partials” – which replace a few teeth in your mouth while leaving the remaining, healthy teeth in place.

When getting full dentures, there are two types: conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures are fitted and placed after gums have healed from any extractions that may have occurred to prepare for the dentures. This healing can take up to twelve weeks, during which time a person must live without teeth.

Immediate dentures are prepared in advance and available immediately following an extraction. However, the drawback to immediate dentures is that they will not fit for very long; the tissues will change shape after the extraction and new dentures will be necessary fairly soon thereafter.

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