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Flexible Partial Dentures


European Denture Center offers handcrafted flexible partial dentures tailored to their patients’ specific requirements. All flexible partial dentures come with a 90-day money back guarantee!

What are flexible partial dentures?

Flexible partial dentures are a type of partial denture designed to replace and secure your remaining teeth. They are a good option for individuals who have a missing tooth or teeth, but don’t need a full set of dentures.

Flexible partial dentures are made of 99% nylon and, unlike other types of partial dentures, don’t contain a metal clasp. Instead, they contain gum-colored clasps that are easy and comfortable to wear around the existing teeth.

Partial Denture

Flexible partial dentures are lightweight but extremely strong and durable. They are also flexible and resistant to impact. The flexibility and natural appearance of these dentures make it a popular denture choice.

At European Denture Center, we’re committed to giving you the highest quality products and services at affordable prices. If you think a flexible partial denture is right for you, we’re ready to help.

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