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Denture Repair and Denture Reline Services in Everett, WA


Our Repair, Reline, and Rebase Services

European Denture Center in Everett, WA offers a variety of services specifically intended for improving existing dentures. Whether your denture requires a repair to fix broken acrylic; replacement of a chipped or missing tooth; adjustments due to sore spots; or a reline or rebase to improve the fit, our denture care team is available to address your needs.


As dentures age, they may crack, chip, or not fit as well as they once did. Over time, biological changes to your gums and the underlying bone will cause dentures to become less secure in your mouth. At our well-equipped, modern denture care center, our denturists restore broken dentures to almost original condition with our same-day denture repair services.


We also offer denture relines to improve the interior surface of a denture and restore its fit and comfort. A reline is recommended at least once every one to two years in order to keep your denture secure and functional, depending upon how much your gums change. We have options for both laboratory-processed and chairside reline techniques. Our denturist will discuss the option that makes the most sense for your individual needs.

denture repair and denture reline


A rebase is indicated when your denture’s teeth remain in good condition but the acrylic isn’t. A rebase involves removing all of the gum-colored material from the denture and replacing it with new material, providing you with a like-new denture while retaining the teeth you are accustomed to using.

Why Choose European Denture Center?

Our denture specialists will offer you our best advice when it comes to your time and whether your money will be well spent on a denture repair services. We understand that you value fast, effective, and low-cost denture services. Our in-office lab allows us to provide you with denture repair and reline services that are quick, comfortable, and affordable for our patients. We also provide additional care instructions on how to keep your appliance secure following your denture repair or reline.

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If you would like further information about denture repairs, relines, adjustments, or you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss your dental concerns with us, contact European Denture Center in Everett, WA today.

Repairs, Relines, and Rebases: FAQs


How much does it cost to reline or rebase a set of dentures?

The cost to reline or rebase a set of dentures is usually very affordable. However, the price depends upon your individual situation, the type of reline you need, the degree of tissue changes that have occurred, and the material your denture is made from.

How long does it take to reline dentures?

Your dentures may be relined during a single visit to our facility or it may require a few days to complete, depending on your dental condition. If you have yearly denture check-up visits, a denturist can easily detect small problems at an early stage and address them thereby avoiding larger issues and expense.

Can partial dentures be relined?

It is possible to reline a partial denture in some cases if the changes in fit are due to changes in the gum tissue where natural teeth are missing.

A partial may not fit as it once did if the condition of your natural teeth and gums has changed. A reline will not correct these problems. Cavities and periodontal disease associated with the teeth that support your partial force the partial to perform in a way that it was never intended to. This can result in something breaking – either your partial or your natural teeth. When you must rely on your own natural teeth to support a partial denture, it is critical to have regular dental exams and cleanings to keep your teeth and gums in optimal health.

Can partial dentures be repaired?

Yes. Generally, partial dentures can be repaired. An experienced denturist will discuss with you the best solution to meet your needs.

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