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Denture Facts


A Dozen Denture Facts

If you’re planning to get dentures for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to know a few things first. The information below has been written in coordination with the American Dental Association and offers basic information and facts about implant-supported dentures.

Fact #1: Dentures Are Not Permanent

Despite the fact that advancement in technology has made it possible for dentures to become durable, it does not change the fact that they do not last forever. In other words, they are not permanent – they are temporary. It is still possible to break a tooth or permanently damage your implant-supported dentures.

Even when caution and care are taken, dentures can lose their appeal and mobility through regular wear and tear like brushing, chewing, and simply aging.

Finally, your gums, jawbone, and teeth are constantly evolving. This leads to misalignment of dentures and causes them to not fit as well as they used to.

When determining whether it’s time to replace your dentures, your denturist will look for these changes:

  • Loose fittings in your dentures
  • A foul odor because of bacteria
  • A change in color because of age or mouth fluids
  • Stains and calculus deposits

Your denturist will expect you to replace your dentures every seven years, if your dentures are not implant supported. It is also recommended to reline your dentures every two years to preserve your ridge bone density and tissue health.

Fact #2: Visit a Denturist Frequently, Even if Your Dentures Fit Perfectly

Why is this important? The answer is simple. A denturist knows the signs and symptoms of oral diseases. They will be able to tell if you show symptoms of diabetes, gum disease, or oral cancer. Such diseases first manifest themselves orally and if abnormalities are detected, your denturist can refer you to a specialist for early treatment.

Fact #3: Nobody Will Be Able to Tell You Have Dentures

In the past, dentures looked unnatural and it was easy to tell if a person had gotten implants. A good job done by a professional today will look natural. Technology has made it possible for modern-day dentures to look like they are your original teeth.

Denturists know how to align and place dentures over implants perfectly, helping them to look completely natural. Good-looking teeth can also taking years off of your appearance, making you look younger and healthier.

Fact #4: You Can Eat Normally

After getting dentures implanted, individuals find that once again they can eat the foods they previously enjoyed. Thanks to implant-supported dentures, chewing food thoroughly becomes easier.

Fact #5: Dentures Help Individuals Speak Clearly

There are many nuances in forming speech, and when a person has good-fitting dentures, the tongue is free to move around inside the mouth and interact as needed with the teeth, lips, cheeks, and ridges of the mouth. This helps individuals speak and enunciate more clearly, where they previously may have had difficulty making certain sounds due to a lack of teeth or loose dentures.

Fact #6: Denture Adhesives May or May Not Be Necessary

Adhesives can change the comfort level of your dentures and the way they fit. However, since dentures are designed to fit perfectly in your mouth, they do not require the frequent use of adhesives.

Those with properly fitted dentures may use adhesives for their peace of mind and comfort, though it’s not necessary. However, individuals with severe bone loss may need to use adhesives on frequent basis.

Fact #7: Over-the-Counter Prescriptions Affect Dentures

Some over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions have a drying effect on the mouth, negatively affecting your dentures. Production of saliva is critical for chewing and swallowing – therefore, let your denturist know if there are any medicines you are taking.

Fact #8: Denture Expenses Are Affordable

If you’re facing financial crisis, discuss this with your dentist. They are likely to have a cost-effective plan for you. Before you assume dental care is expensive, ask your oral health provider questions about the costs. If you are around the age of sixty, remember that you still have plenty of time before your oral health deteriorates. Therefore, it is important that you maintain it in order to avoid the need for more costly treatment down the line.

Fact #9: Never Try to Fix Your Dentures Yourself

Do not attempt to re-adjust or repair your dentures yourself. This is extremely dangerous as improperly fitted dentures can result in a loss of jawbone. Further, if you attempt to repair your dentures by yourself, you can cause permanent damage to them that may not be correctable by your denturist.

Leave all repairs to the professionals.

Fact #10: Denture Corrections Can Be Made in One Day

Advancement in modern technology has made it possible for denture corrections to be made quickly instead of having to wait for days or weeks for your dentures to be ready. Your dentist can repair or reline your dentures in their office.

Coordinate with your dentist and let them know in advance that you need your dentures to be repaired and you’d like it to be done the same day. If they know in advance, they can accommodate your request.

Fact #11: Don’t Fear Repairing Dentures Because of Long Procedures

Don’t put off having your dentures repaired because you fear it will take a long time. Delaying can cause and exacerbate oral health problems, so it’s a good idea not to wait. Besides, most repairs can be done quickly so it’s best to have them done and once again enjoy the comfort and function of properly-fitted dentures.

Fact #12: Don’t Opt for Low-Quality Dentures Because They Seem Affordable

Over time, you will regret paying the cheapest price for dentures as the quality will reflect the low price. That being said, there are some good-quality affordable dentures out there. Do your research before choosing a denture to ensure they will last and function well.

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