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A Useful Guide to Partial Denture Styles

A partial denture is a perfect option when you are missing a few adjacent teeth but still have several healthy natural teeth left in your mouth. In addition to filling the gaps formed by your missing teeth, partial dentures also prevent the nearby teeth from shifting.

A removable partial denture mainly includes replacement teeth that are attached to a plastic, metal, or acrylic base that blends with the color of the gums. They also come with specific types of clasps which attach them to the natural teeth. This makes them detachable meaning they can be taken out for daily cleaning.

There are mainly four types of partial denture styles, including:

  • Thermoflex

    These are flexible, removable partial dentures fabricated from a flexible, thin, non-allergenic resin type of material which closely embraces the tissue and teeth. The resin has a stretchy, elastic memory which provides excellent support, are comfortable to wear, and are aesthetically pleasing. Thermoflex dentures are set in position using flexible resin clasps which hold the contour of your teeth firmly. They work perfectly as night guards and are available in sixteen tooth shades and three tissue shades.

  • Valplast

    These are flexible, removable partial dentures manufactured from a combination of thermoplastic resin and biocompatible nylon for flexibility and strength. The valplast denture material clasps the gums in a more natural way as compared to traditional hard acrylic. Valplast dentures are the perfect choice to replace just one missing tooth. These are available in three translucent tissue shades in addition to the transparent shade. They are held in place by the invisible, flexible nylon or resin clasps.

  • Wironium

    These are partial dentures made from cast metal frameworks that are fabricated using a vacuum casting procedure to ensure a perfect fitting. The acrylic base, which is attached to the metal framework with acrylic teeth, helps to replace the missing teeth effortlessly. Wironium dentures come with a vast collection of tissue and teeth colors. They work best when you have no natural back teeth. The clasps which hold these dentures in place are durable, malleable, and easily adjustable by your clinician.

  • Custom Combination

    You can also make a custom combination of partial dentures using cast metal framework with other flexible elements. By selecting the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing option, you can create a beautiful blend with your natural teeth. This method combines the best features of all of our partial denture styles so that you get the best possible appearance and function.

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