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Throwback to Denture History

The current aging generation wears dentures, and their grandparents did the same. But what about their grandparents?

How far back in our family tree have dentures been used?

Throwback to Denture History

It is commonly believed that dentures initially came into existence around the 1800s when tooth decay became a common and pervasive problem. However, a little peek into denture history which suggests that date much further back.

Carved Out of Animal Teeth

Historic evidence actually takes us all the way back to 700 BC, when hunters used the teeth of animals and turned them into dentures.

Medical evidence, however, only dates back to 1770 when the first set of implantable dentures were made in Japan.

Still, it was fifty years later that the medical industryactually began using replacement teeth in regular practice. At that time, dentures were created fromanimal material, mostly using elephant teeth. Of course, they were quite different from modern day dentures due to the lack of technological advancements at that point in time.

Wood & Metal

Following the Industrial Revolution and the increasing popularity of sweets and tobacco products, people started complaining of unbearable toothaches and suffering from decaying teeth. Since necessity is the mother of invention, it was then in the 1850s that medical research progressed enough to find useful wood and metal replacements for natural teeth.

Carvers then started to create manual dentures using porcelain. The basic steps of carving used to hand-make those dentures are still used by dental students today.


Once dental advancement started, there was no looking back. Medical researchers discovered a rubber called vulcanite that created the perfect base for dentures.

Before this discovery, dentures were only a feasible option for those with significant financial means as they weremade using scarce natural resources. However, as vulcanite started being used instead, dentures became more affordable and more accessible to other income groups as well.

Modern Practice

Today, modern science and technology have made dentures not only more affordable, but also more comfortable and functional.

denture specialists

Each denture is custom made and individually fitted for the patient, and then further adjusted to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Dentures are also customized to make sure that they look as natural as the person’s actual teeth, color-matching their gums, skin tone, and natural teeth.

Clearly, dentures have come a long, long way.

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