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What Happens When You Get a Denture Repair and Denture Reline

What happens during a denture repair and denture reline?

Dentures are incredibly durable, but they still need routine inspections and maintenance. Throughout the life of your dentures you will probably need an occasional denture repair and denture reline. Here’s what it is, how to know when you need one, and what will happen when you go in for your appointment.

What Is a Denture Repair and Denture Reline?

A denture repair and denture reline are two separate procedures that may be performed on your dentures.

A denture repair fixes any existing damage to your dentures. Whether you’ve dropped your dentures and they have a chip, one of the teeth has detached, or you have noticed cracks, a denture repair addresses these issues. Denture repairs are commonly needed even if you take immaculate care of your dentures; with normal wear and tear micro-fractures can occur, which put stress on your dentures and can result in visible cracks.

A denture reline is a procedure which reshapes the surface that rests against your gums so it better fits your mouth. The soft tissues in your mouth are constantly changing shape so it’s expected that you will need to have this procedure done every 1-2 years to keep your dentures fitting well and performing properly.

How Do I Know If I Need a Denture Repair or Denture Reline?

If you notice changes with your comfort, speech, or denture performance it’s best to check with your denture care provider about whether a denture repair or denture reline could help. Some common symptoms that indicate a need for a denture repair or denture reline are:

  • Slipping dentures
  • Slurred or whistling speech
  • A sunken or aged facial appearance
  • Difficulty eating foods that you were able to eat previously
  • Visible cracks or damage
  • Sore spots on the mouth
  • Discomfort wearing your dentures
  • Foul-smelling dentures despite good hygiene habits

What Happens During a Denture Repair and Denture Reline?

When you get a denture repair and denture reline, your provider will first do a full inspection of your dentures and your mouth. They will repair any visible damage to your dentures to make sure more significant damage does not occur, and make recommendations to address any oral health conditions they notice.

When doing a denture reline, there are two types – a hard reline and soft reline. A hard reline is similar to the process when you initially got your dentures; your denturist will take an impression of your mouth and then craft a new acrylic base for your dentures. With a soft reline, your denturist will use softer, more pliable material to reshape the base of your dentures.

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