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How to Get Used to Wearing New Dentures

Dentures are a great option for those who are looking to get a replacement for their missing or decayed teeth. You can experience an improved smile and confidence by wearing dentures. However, it will take some time for your dentures to feel and function like your original teeth. Until that time, you may experience slight discomfort when eating and speaking.

New Dentures

Here are some tips that can help you adapt to dentures easily and quickly:

  1. Continue Wearing Dentures:

    Wear your dentures as long as you are supposed to. This will help your mouth to quickly adapt to the dentures.

  2. Dental Visits:

    Visit your dentist when adjustments are required.

  3. Practice Speaking:

    Try to read out loud until you get used to the way dentures feel when you are speaking.

  4. Eating with Dentures:

    Consider the following things when eating with dentures:

    • Avoid consuming sticky or hard foods
    • Chew slowly and bite carefully
    • Consume soft foods
    • Cut food into small pieces
    • Use both sides of your mouth for chewing
  5. Regular Maintenance:

    Make sure to clean your dentures every day using a denture cleanser and a soft-bristled brush. Remove your dentures when you sleep to give your gums rest.

Common Problems with New Dentures

You may experience some problems when you first wear dentures, including:

  • Soreness of the mouth muscles or along the gums if teeth are extracted
  • Increased saliva
  • A sensation that dentures move around in your mouth

It takes a little time for your tongue, mouth, facial muscles and routine activities like eating and speaking to get adapted to dentures. Once your dentures adapt to your mouth, everything will feel normal. You can visit your dentist when you think your dentures need some minor adjustments to achieve the comfort you desire. Your dentures may require adjustments if you use excessive denture adhesive. Your dentist can offer same day adjustments for some denture problems.

Living Well with Dentures

Proper oral care is important for dentures to last long. Here are some tips that help you to keep your dentures healthy:

  • Brush your tongue, roof of your mouth, and gums before bed and also before you put in your dentures.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • If you have no natural teeth, you must visit your dentist regularly to get your gums examined and check the fit of your dentures.
  • If you have natural teeth, you should still follow your suggested hygiene schedule to keep your gums and teeth healthy.

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