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Dental Flippers: A Perfect Solution to Missing Teeth During Implant Treatments

There are many temporary solutions available to cover your gaps between teeth while you wait for your gums to heal completely after the dental implant procedure. One option is using a type of temporary partial denture called dental flipper, where a false set of teeth fills in the gap. Read on to learn how dental flippers are a great solution to missing teeth during implant treatments.

Dental Flippers Are Helpful During Your Implant Treatment

Dental implants installation is a two-stage procedure. The first procedure involves drilling a small hole into your jawbone for inserting a dental implant. Once the implant has been installed, you will have to wait until that area heals completely before a final surgery is performed. A dental implant placed in the back of the mouth isn’t a worrisome issue since the area is hardly visible to anyone. However, if the implant is intended for the front of the mouth, you may need a temporary tooth to cover the gap. There are many options available for this, but a dental flipper is a great alternative to cover the gaps between teeth.

Dental flippers are usually acrylic plates with false teeth that are designed using a mold created by measuring your mouth. Then, artificial teeth that match the natural color of your teeth are fitted in between the gaps on the plate. After this, the pink-colored acrylic plate is attached to the gums and set between the teeth using an acrylic retainer. Your dentist can also use tiny wires and metal balls to get the plate secured in your mouth. The plate will sit comfortably below the tongue or against the upper palate.

Some of the benefits of using dental flippers include:

  • Affordable

    The main advantage of using dental flippers are that they are relatively inexpensive when compared to other partial denture options.

  • Quick Solution

    Dental flippers can be used immediately after natural teeth are removed because they are often prepared and kept ready before the tooth removal.

  • Fewer Visits to the Dentist

    Dental flippers are considered as a quick fix and are a temporary solution until a more permanent solution such as a dental implant is ready. This means it does not require frequent visits to your dentist.

  • Lightweight

    Dental flippers are lightweight, and most people get used to wearing them pretty quickly.

  • Improves Your Smile

    They can quickly improve your aesthetic appearance while lessening the embarrassment which many people had to experience when they lost a tooth in a visible area in their mouth.

  • Flexible

    The structure of dental flippers is somewhat flexible, which allows adding a tooth to it easily if you happen to lose another tooth within the next year.

  • Dental flippers are a cost-effective tooth replacement alternative that can be considered either a permanent or temporary solution, depending on your unique needs. Call us today to book a consultation with our experts and to learn the best tooth replacement option for you.

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