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Partial Denture Services in Everett, WA


Our Partial Denture Services

If you are looking for a quality, low-cost partial denture solution, your search stops here. We are committed to delivering superior and affordable partial dentures services. We aim to provide a pleasant and stress-free experience to every patient in our dental office through a modern approach, open communication, honesty, and patient education.

At European Denture Center, we make our partial dentures on-site, including upper partial denture options to replace one or more missing teeth. We help our patients select the partial dentures that will best meet their oral care needs. Our professional denturist will custom fabricate the most natural looking partial denture possible for you.

We offer the following types of partial dentures that have their unique benefits:

We are also proud to design and offer the most attractive, high-gloss finish – cast partial dentures from bio-compatible metal alloys, at our in-house lab. Its cast metal frame with a metal clasping makes it further easier to add teeth, repair, and reline these dentures.

Partial Denture

Why Choose European Denture Center?

Our modern denture care center was designed with our patient’s comfort in mind. We strive to deliver 100% patient satisfaction with our top-grade partial denture services. Our denturist will determine the appropriate type of partial denture for you after a complete examination of your teeth and mouth. Additionally, you will receive the following benefits just for choosing our services:

  • Free dental consultation
  • An experienced and friendly dental team
  • Low-cost partial denture solutions
  • Flexible payment options
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Various insurance plans accepted

If you wish to learn more about partial dentures and find out if they are right for you, schedule a no-obligation, free consultation at European Denture Center today!

Partial Dentures FAQs


What Are Partial Dentures?

A partial denture is used to replace one or more missing teeth in your upper or lower arch. Many patients choose partial dentures to fill gaps between their natural teeth. The false teeth are supported by a framework that is also used to secure the partial denture to your existing natural teeth, creating a seamless appearance.

If you have a lost or damaged tooth, it’s recommended that you don’t delay getting partial dentures. Over time, your natural teeth and bite will shift toward the space left by the missing tooth. The longer you wait, the more challenging it is to restore your smile.


What Is the Average Cost of Partial Dentures?

The fee for a partial denture varies widely based on several factors, including the treatment complexity, cost of dental materials used, the time required to accomplish the treatment, and more. The patient may require several appointments with a general dentist to restore natural teeth before the partial denture can be fabricated. The typical cost of a partial denture is usually less than the cost of a full set of dentures.

European Denture Center in Everett, WA offers highly competitive partial denture prices. We are committed to helping our patients afford dentures by providing flexible payment options, accepting multiple insurance providers including Medicaid, and offering a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Please see our guarantee policy for further information.

Are Partial Dentures a Good Option?

Losing a tooth is always painful. But it can be easily replaced with partial dentures for excellent results. Partial dentures not only provide a natural and beautiful tooth replacement solution but also improve your function.

What Are Flexible Partial Dentures?

Flexible partial dentures are made from a polyacetal resin or a nylon-based resin that allows the partial very thin, lightweight, and comfortable. Typically, flexible partials do not require any alteration in your natural teeth in order to wear them. It is also possible to use tooth-colored flexible material to construct the clasps. This makes them more aesthetically pleasing compared with metal clasps.

Can You Eat with Partial Dentures?

Yes. You can eat with partial dentures. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid eating foods that are extremely hard, chewy, or sticky. Care should be taken not apply extreme pressure on partial dentures while cleaning, chewing, or biting food.

How Much Does an Upper Partial Denture Cost?

The cost of an upper partial denture costs depends on the complexity of the treatment required for the individual patient, the cost of the dental materials used to fabricate the partial, and the time required for the overall procedure.

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