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Implant Dentures Services in Everett, WA


When you have several missing teeth, eating and speaking may become more challenging. European Denture Center’s implant dentures services in Everett, WA, offer a quick, permanent solution to help you restore your smile and resume your normal activities with confidence. Our denture implant specialists usually recommend this type of denture only to those who have enough jawbone to support the implants.

What Are Implant Dentures?

An implant denture is a unique type of denture that is fixed to dental implants instead of resting along your gums like a regular denture. This creates a secure clasp that allows you to have a trouble-free chewing and speaking experience without stressing about the denture shifting or slipping. An implant denture is suitable as a lower denture, but can also be used in the upper jaw.

We offer these two implants dentures services in Everett, WA, at competitive prices.

Zest Locator System – It is a low-priced option but works well for the maximum number of denture wearers. Your denture fastens over two or four implants, and can effortlessly be removed during cleaning.

All-on-four Implants – They are the recent development in complete smile restoration. Using this technique, denture implant specialists replace all your natural teeth with a removable denture that attaches to only four dental implants.


How Do All-On-Four Dental Implants Work?

This procedure was developed to offer support to people without teeth. It is designed to evade graft surgery, using the least number of implants possible. A decade back, the procedure involved bone grafting, many implants, and eighteen months of treatment. This made everything complicated and costly for individuals.

Currently, the All on Four uses the available bone structure favorably, with virtual technology from Nobel Biocare. It is an easy and affordable procedure that allows you to get your implants fixed usually in a single appointment with the dentist.

After the procedure, the gums take about six months to heal completely. When the implants naturally get infused into the jaw bone, the denturist uses the mouth impressions to prepare the permanent set of teeth final insertion. The new implant denture set can offer damage -free experience for a few decades.

How Much Do Implant Dentures Cost?

Implant dentures offer a cost-effective, permanent solution to missing teeth. Your denture implant specialist will determine your overall implant-supported dentures cost based on many factors. The factors include the required number of implants, the status of your teeth and gums, and the kind of implant-supported denture selected.

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