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Flexible Partial Denture Services in Everett, WA


Are you looking for flexible partial denture services near you?

European Denture Center offers superior and affordable, flexible partial denture services in Everett WA. These dentures are natural-looking, lightweight, durable, and provide the flexibility that fits your specific needs. They provide the ideal solution to people who have very few missing teeth and don’t need a full set of dentures.

What are Flexible Partial Dentures?

Flexible partial dentures are designed to secure your remaining teeth, and unlike bridges, you can remove them when required. Valplast Flexible Partials is currently one of the most aesthetic, biocompatible, comfortable, and affordable options of tooth replacement available. Dentists recommend Valplast as it’s highly-durable, flexible, non-allergenic, and perfectly suited to various natural conditions in the mouth.

These dentures are custom-created using 99% nylon and gum-colored clasps that are virtually unbreakable and are comfortable to wear around your natural teeth. Since Valplast Flexible Partials don’t contain a metal clasp, they are lightweight, comfortable, but strong and durable at the same time. They quickly adapt to the continuous movement in the mouth without causing any irritation to you.

Why Choose Us for Flexible Partial Dentures Services in Everett, WA?

Whether you want a replacement for a single tooth or multiple teeth, flexible partial dentures in Everett WA, offers perfectly fitting dentures that conveniently fill in the gaps in your mouth.

We strive to offer the highest quality, comfortable, Valplast flexible partial dentures at affordable prices. In addition to this, all our flexible partial dentures in Everett, WA come with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Flexible Partial Dentures FAQs


Are Flexible Partial Dentures Comfortable?

Yes, they are very comfortable. Since flexible partial dentures don’t contain a metal clasp, they are ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible and very comfortable to wear. Once you wear them, they’ll settle very fast around your natural teeth. They’ll make you forget about the heavy feeling that made wearing partial dentures so uncomfortable in the past.

How Much Are Flexible Partial Dentures?

The price of flexible partial dentures may vary depending on your specific tooth configuration, the number of teeth to be replaced, and the type of flexible material used.

How Do You Care for Flexible Partial Dentures?

Though flexible partial dentures are resistant to odor and stain from tea, coffee, cigarettes, or tobacco, they still require to be cleaned and maintained properly. After every meal, you should remove the denture from your mouth and use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean your natural teeth. Never use the toothbrush to clean the denture as it may remove the polish and roughen the partial denture with time. When not in use, keep your dentures in a glass of water to keep them hydrated.

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